A Collection of Creative

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MY COMEDY WEBSITE               Wacky Week

MY BLOG                                         What a Stupid Name for a Website

MEET IMA NORWEGIAN                        Ima Norwegian


 “Curse of the Mum”              “A Camping We Will Go”


“Married to Mommy”          “The Quick Fix”

MUSIC VIDEOS (written, filmed and edited by yours truly)

“I won’t hate you very much tonight (it’s Christmas)”                   “He Rides a Sleigh”            “It’s Silent Night”                  “Bimbo #5”

VOICE DEMO  Click here

RADIO COMMERCIALS  Wrote and produced these

TV COMMERCIALS  Here’s a collection of spots I wrote, directed and produced while Creative Director at Destination Marketing

LONG-FORM INTERNET VIDEOS I WROTE & PRODUCED        Car Toys Detailing                  Vision House

COPYWRITING   These are some of my faves from over the years

COMEDY-WRITING  For the freshest comedy just written within the week, visit my website and check out this week’s Wack

PRINT ADS   Wrote the copy and worked with the graphic artists on these

POLITICAL CARTOONS  Steve Kelley drew these based on my jokes

JINGLES     “Penguin Windows”               “Sono Bello”     

PSRBA SOUNDIE AWARD FINALISTS      “Rossi Got Run Over By a Recount”                                                                                                              “I Guess I Farted”

RADIO AIRCHECK  Oh, heck, why not click here for a quick flashback on those fun years


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